Thank You, Regularization Letter!

I’ve been with this company for more than 1 year (including my individual contractor stint) and tomorrow, I can finally let out an accumulated sigh:

Thank you for the patience, I am now a regular (permanent) employee. Work wasn’t so kind but it was worth it.:)

It’s been a wonderful stay and yet I’m still looking forward to a longer and satisfying tenure. If possible, this should be my longest and probably the last industrial stint before I go into the world of academe and share my experience to the next generation.

To all, thank you for the support. I would never get this far without a great deal of help and wise advice.


About Arjay (--,)

Frustrated hacker, frustrated writer (somewhat), frustrated musician, frustrated artist, but nonetheless fighting the good fight with life to make sure everyone is happy. There will always be clouds but there will always be silver linings too. Be like Janus, yin-yang. Duality.
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One Response to Thank You, Regularization Letter!

  1. b.b. says:

    cool, congrats, braugh!

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