Suzuki GD 110

The chronicle of me learning how to ride a manual transmission motorcycle is far from over. It was just on hold for quite some time because I don’t have the motorcycle yet to practice on, and mostly due to procrastination.


But enough with the procrastination, I’ll deal with that sooner or later (hah!). I want to write today’s post about Suzuki’s newly unveiled commuter bike that has the potential to be a best-seller: the Suzuki GD 110. This bike has a manual transmission and will be one of my potential candidate for the task of learning and riding a manual transmission bike.

Suzuki GD 110 from Gadget Magazine Philippines

pic from Gadget Magazine Philippines

See article here from Sun Star Davao dated January 23, 2012 about the event as well 


What makes this motorcycle exciting for me: there is a good instrument panel with gear indicator (I don’t like guessing what gear I am in at the moment). I’m a visual person. Although I learned how to ride a motorcycle on a Honda C70 with non-working instrument panel, I want every information easily seen. The other specs are very similar to other bikes that I’m eyeing at the moment (we’ll discuss them in other upcoming post).

Suzuki GD 110 Instrument Panel

Look ma, no more guesswork on what gear we're on right now! (pic from Suzuki Philippines website)

From the Suzuki website here is the overview about its other features:


Ready to meet your daily riding needs efficiently, economically and comfortably.


Efficiency and economy for you. The GD110’s 4-stroke SOHC engine, created with a close attention to delivering high combustion efficiency and low mechanical losses, is a new standard-setter for economical, fuel-efficient performance and user-friendly, low-environmental-impact operation.


Inside the muffler, a metal honeycomb oxidation catalyzer efficiently cuts down on carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbon (HC) emissions. Emissions are also reduced by the Suzuki PAIR (Pulsed-secondary AIR-injection) system that injects air into the exhaust port to ignite unburned gases.


The new powerplant’s high efficiency designs bring you years of economical use. A digital DC-CDI system delivers highly optimized ignition timing, enhancing fuel efficiency. Efficiency is further heightened by a BS-type carburetor featuring smooth response to throttle action and a large-capacity air cleaner box.


The GD110 shares with the rest of the Suzuki lineup the renowned quality ensuring years of dependable service. Equipment that contribute to the ease of maintenance include drum brakes which are note easily affected by water or mud, a cassette-type oil filter, and easy-to-repair, easy-to-replace 17-inch tube tires.


The most important winning feature of this bike is that it is very affordable at P50,000. That’s the same price range as most underbone motorcycles in the market now. But since it is a commuter bike, it is expected to offer a more stable and a more mature riding experience.

At this point, I think I’m ready to graduate from the underbone motorcycle (but I will not let go of Yorick, that’s for sure) and move on to the commuter segment.

So who will win our hard-earned money for the right to be my next motorcycle? Let’s find out after a couple of months. See you in my next posts!



About Arjay (--,)

Frustrated hacker, frustrated writer (somewhat), frustrated musician, frustrated artist, but nonetheless fighting the good fight with life to make sure everyone is happy. There will always be clouds but there will always be silver linings too. Be like Janus, yin-yang. Duality.
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26 Responses to Suzuki GD 110

  1. CA says:

    wala po yatang fuel gauge.

  2. dennis wakas says:

    pwede kaya mag modifiy nang fuel guage para ma monitor naman fuel consumption…..

    • Arjay (--,) says:

      Pwede naman sa tingin ko pero matrabaho saka dapat make sure na sealed yung point kung saan ipinasok yung tubo ng sensor. Baka kasi pag umulan ng malakas, pasukin ng tubig ang gas tank.:)

  3. Pardz says:

    puwede bang kabitan ng sidecar at gawing pampasada?

  4. Virgilio Lara says:

    Hindi na mentioned ang Km/liter at puwede po bang malaman ang max HP niya against RPM.

    • Arjay (--,) says:

      Naku boss, wala pa along datos ng km/liter at yung hp vs rpm. I-research ko na lang siya at lagay ko dito.

      Pero sa tingin ko, maganda ang km/liter niya dahil 110 lang ang engine displacement.

      • Virgilio says:

        Sa tingin ko po ay maliit nga lamang ang Km/liter niya at believed naman ako sa performance ng GD. Balak ko pong kumuha ng 5 units ng GD gawin tricycle, ok po bang pang tricycle ang GD, recommended po ba ito. Mayroon po bang kasamang promo na libreng helmet at Jacket? salamat po.

        • Arjay (--,) says:

          Sa pagkaka-alam ko, GD 110 na ang pinaka-mura na motor na pwedeng ikabit sa tricycle bukod sa mga China-made na tatak. Kung patag lang ang biyahe at bihira ang matarik na paakyat, sulit naman siya. Marami-rami na rin akong nakita dito sa Malabon at sa Pasig na mga GD 110 na tricycle. Pero kung kailangan ng malakas na hatak paakyat, dapat e mas malaki na konti na makina o mas malakas na torque tulad ng Honda TMX (me bago silang modelo nito na malakas ang dating) o ang Kawasaki Barako (laki ng makina kaya walang problema sa hatakan).

          Dun sa helmet at jacket, depende po ata sa dealer kung me promo pa sila kasi ang alam ko, promo nila dati yun na may libreng jacket na may tatak Suzuki. Yung helmet naman e madalas libre na hindi branded (pero ayos na rin kung wala ka pang helmet). Basta inquire kayo sa dealer niyo kung ano mga freebies at malamang e meron naman kasi lima na units ang kukunin niyo.😀

      • romeo padilla says:

        bro na test ko itong motor ko 39km/liter

  5. jhay says:

    anu magandang igasolina unleaded o super?

  6. jhay says:

    sa gd110 kakukuhaq palang kac ehh pasagot naman plzz?

  7. yam afdal says:

    ako na ang may pinaka magandang GD 110 dito sa amin..isa lang ang comment ko.matakaw sa gasolina..

    • Arjay (--,) says:

      Salamat sir sa feedback. Parang nakakapag-taka lang na malakas sa gasolina kahit maliit ang makina. Siguro hindi kaya humatak pag maraming dala kaya pihit talaga sa silinyador.

    • romeo padilla says:

      bro naka sidecar ba yung motor mo? kung naka side car palit ka ng spraket mo ng 14/42
      kapag naka single 14/38 subukan mo tipts sya

  8. Israel says:

    San po ba made itong Suzuki GD 110?

  9. paul jay balendez says:

    Saan po tayo makakabili ng cdi suzukigd110

  10. paul jay balendez says:

    Yong malapit lng po sa cagayan de pro?

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